Business Travel, 2nd Edition

Conferences, Incentive Travel, Exhibitions,
Corporate Hospitality & Corporate Travel

By Rob Davidson & Beulah Cope
December 2003
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-40444-4
304 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$82.50 paper original

Business travel is a fast-expanding sector of the travel and tourism industry, accounting for between one quarter and one third of travel-related spending in most developed countries. In recognition of the crucial part it plays in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness with which business is conducted throughout the world, the study of business travel is now becoming an essential element of many higher education courses. This text aims to meet the needs of students and lecturers alike by covering, in depth, all sectors of business-related travel in an analytical manner and providing a sound practical and theoretical context for the study of this subject at the higher education level.

For all undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students of Travel and Tourism this book provides a comprehensive, in-depth study of the business tourism market worldwide, an analysis of the relevant theoretical issues and a detailed investigation of the practice of managing and organizing facilities for the business travel and tourism market. Both theoretical and practical issues are illustrated by extensive case-studies and end-of-chapter discussion questions allow students to test their knowledge and understanding. This is a core text for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma students following courses in Business Travel and Tourism. Suitable for advanced level courses in business travel offered by the Guild of British Travel Agents and practitioners involved in the distribution and/or supply of business travel and tourism services.

1. INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS TRAVEL Chapter Objectives Business Travel in the 21st Century Introduction Definitions Business Travel and Leisure Travel Structure of the Business Travel Market Business Travel and the Economy Other Impacts of Business Travel Challenges Facing the Business Travel Market Opportunities for the Business Travel Industry Business Travel in Times of Turmoil Case-study: EIBTM: A New Look for the 21st Century References Glossary of Terms
2. INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS TRAVEL Chapter Objectives Individual Business Travel in the 21st Century Introduction The Development of Corporate Travel The Purchasing Process Suppliers Intermediaries Issues and Trends Case-study: The Guild of European Business Travel Agents and the UKs Guild of Business Travel Agents Case-study: Business Travel International References Glossary of terms
3. THE MEETINGS INDUSTRY Chapter Objectives Meetings Events in the 21st Century Introduction Historical Background Sources of Data on the Meetings Industry Buyers Suppliers Intermediaries Issues and Trends Case-study: The Austria Center, Vienna Case-study: Meeting in Madrid References Glossary of Terms
4. INCENTIVE TRAVEL Chapter Objectives Incentive Travel in the 21st Century The Uses of Incentive Travel The Effectiveness of Incentive Travel Quantifying Incentive Travel Buyers Intermediaries Suppliers Issues and Trends Case-study: Iceland as an Incentive Destination Case-study: Golf Developments in Scotland References Glossary of Terms
5. THE EXHIBITIONS INDUSTRY Chapter objectives Exhibitions in the 21st Century Introduction Uses of Exhibitions Buyers Suppliers Intermediaries Issues and Trends Case-study: National Starch & Chemical Case-study: CeBIT, Hanover References Glossary of Terms
6. CORPORATE HOSPITALITY Chapter Objectives Corporate Hospitality in the 21st Century Introduction Uses of Corporate Hospitality Suppliers Intermediaries Issues and Trends Case-study: Legoland, Windsor References Glossary of Terms
7. THE BUSINESS AND PLEASURE INTERFACE Chapter Objectives Combining Business with Pleasure in the 21st Century Introduction Combining Business with Pleasure The Benefits of Combining Business with Pleasure The Decision-Making Process The Roles of Key Players


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