Business of Tourism, 8th edition

By Chris Holloway, et al.
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
August 2009
ISBN: 9780273717102
792 Pages
$99.50 Paper original


An invaluable foundation book for Tourism or Tourism Management students, Holloway et al offers historical context, background theory and current research, making it possible for students to see how the industry has developed and to contextualise the current issues and challenges that Tourism is facing today. Holloway et al place emphasis on the practical operational aspects of the tourism industry, making this book well-suited to students who intend to one day work in Tourism.


PART I: DEFINING AND ANALYSING TOURISM AND ITS IMPACTS 1. An introduction to tourism 2. The development and growth of tourism to the mid 20th century 3. The era of popular tourism: 1950 to the twenty-first century 4. The demand for tourism 5. The economic impact of tourism 6. The socio-cultural impact of tourism 7. The environmental impact of tourism PART II: THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM PRODUCT 8. The structure and organisation of the travel and tourism industry 9. Tourist destinations 10.Visitor attractions 11. Business tourism 12. The hospitality sector: accommodation and catering services 13. Tourist transport by air 14. Tourist transport by water 15. Tourist transport on land

PART III: INTERMEDIARIES IN THE PROVISION OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM 16. Visitor management 17. The structure and role of the public sector in tourism 18. Tour operating 19. Selling and distributing travel 20. Ancillary tourism services

PART IV: CASE STUDIES Case 1: The activities of a travel management company - HRG Case 2: Brunel's SS Great Britain - conservation and interpretation - a potential conflict? Case 3: Marketing Belgrade as a conference destination Case 4: Eurostar's move to St Pancras station and its impact on cross-channel traffic Case 5: The pressure of visitors to Cambridge, England Case 6: Business tourism in Tanzania Case 7: Women managers in UK travel and tourism - a case of a glass ceiling? Case 8: Sustainable tourism in the townships, South Africa Case 9: Bournemouth's artificial surfing reef Case 10: A new Russian window to the West - the province of Kaliningrad

Features Author

Chris Holloway is Former Professor of Tourism Management at Bristol Business School, University of West of England.

Claire Humphreys and Rob Davidsonlecture at the University of Westminster and both have had extensive experience working in tourism, both in the public and private sectors.

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