Business of Tourism, 10th edition

By: J. Christopher Holloway & Claire Humphreys
September 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292063249
808 Pages, Illustrated
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The tourism industry is in a constant state of flux, where trends and attitudes are frequently susceptible to outside influences, including factors such as technological and economic change. The Business of Tourism by Chris Holloway and Claire Humphreys is the ideal textbook to help readers not only understand these new changes but look at them with a critical eye and predict future trends.

This book is an essential text for students of tourism management or travel and tourism. The historical context is combined with background theory and research, plus up-to-date international case studies. It examines in detail the tourism product, its impacts and the nature of the tourist, to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the management of this important global industry. The result is a practical and relevant text for any student wishing to work in one of the many diverse sectors of the tourism industry.


Preface to the tenth edition xii

List of abbreviations xiii

Acknowledgements xvii


Defining and analysing tourism and its impacts 1

1 An introduction to tourism 2

2 The development and growth of tourism up to the mid-twentieth century 21

3 The era of popular tourism: 1950 to the twenty-first century 51

4 The demand for tourism 71

5 The economic impacts of tourism 103

6 The socio-cultural impacts of tourism 133

7 The environmental impacts of tourism 157


The travel and tourism product 191

8 The structure and organisation of the travel and tourism industry 192

9 Tourist destinations 211

10 Tourist attractions 265

11 Business tourism 318

12 The hospitality sector: accommodation and catering services 346

13 Tourist transport by air 390

14 Tourist transport by water 449

15 Tourist transport on land 498


Intermediaries in the provision of travel and tourism services 533

16 The management of visitors 534

17 The structure and role of the public sector in tourism 558

18 Tour operating 592

19 Selling and distributing travel and tourism 649

20 Ancillary tourism services 686


Case studies 707

1 Sightseeing and river cruises 708

2 Golf tourism and Myrtle Beach, USA 716

3 European Tourism Association 721

4 Sex tourism 727

5 Coaching holidays: Cooks Coaches 731

6 ExCeL Exhibition Centre and London International Convention Centre 739

7 Mobile technology 746

8 The Canterbury Tales 753

Index 762