Tourism Principles & Practice, 4th edition
Student Access Pack

By Chris Cooper, et al.
August 2008
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9781408200094
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An Introduction to Tourism

Part 1  Tourism Demand

1  Managing Tourism Demand
2  Tourism Consumer Behaviour
3  Measuring Demand for Tourism
4  Tourism Demand Determinants and Forecasting

Part 2  The Tourism Destination

5  The Economic Impact of Tourism
6  The Environmental Impact of Tourism
7  The Socio-cultural Impact of Tourism
8  Sustainable Tourism
9  Tourism and Development Planning
10  Tourism under Crises

Part 3  The Tourism Sector

11  Attractions
12  Accommodation
13  Intermediaries
14  Transportation
15  Public Sector and Policy
16  Destinations

Part 4  Marketing for Tourism

17  Managing Marketing for Tourism
18  Marketing Planning
19  Marketing Mix Applications
20  Information Technology in Tourism

Part 5  Tourism Futures

21  The Future of Tourism



- Self-check questions and Essay questions help the reader consolidate their knowledge of each chapter

- Major case studies allow the reader to link the theory to contemporary issues and practice

- Mini case studies are embedded within the chapters, with discussion questions, draw out specific points from each chapter

- Annotated further reading, which include links to books, journal articles and websites, take learning further

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