Tourism & Recreation
Themes in Tourism Series

By Stephen Williams
Longman / Pearson Education
December 2003
ISBN: 0-582-32026-7
240 Pages
$69.50 paper original

Tourism and Recreation explores the relationship between tourism and recreation. Whilst tourism and recreation form related realms within the wider field of leisure, few books have attempted to examine the nature of that relationship and how it may be changing through time and across space. Through a discussion that examines, in turn, the development of seaside resorts; international travel; tourism and recreation in urban and rural environments; and policy issues, the book aims to show that in both historic and contemporary terms, tourism and recreation are intimately related. Tourism and Recreation is a core text that will interest intermediate and final year students reading for degrees in travel and tourism, as well as students in disciplines such as geography, sociology and cultural studies.

Key features of the book include: a highly readable discussion of the relationships between tourism and recreation that addresses both historic processes of development and contemporary patterns of activity; extensive use of up-to-date examples and illustrative materials, drawn from a wide range of sources; a range of international case studies that provide further illustration of key themes; annotated lists of recommended reading and suggested activities for further study within each chapter; a comprehensive bibliography of relevant readings that provides a valuable basis for further, independent study. Tourism and Recreation is an excellent addition to the Themes in Tourism series which examines a range of contemporary concepts, ideas and issues relating to tourism.

Dr Stephen Williams is the Head of Geography at Staffordshire University, UK, and the author of several texts on tourism and recreation.

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