Tourism for Development
Empowering Communities
Themes in Tourism Series

By Regina Scheyvens
Longman / Pearson Education
May 2002
ISBN: 0-13-026438-5
240 Pages
$72.50 paper original

Dealing with tourism in the developing world, this book provides a contemporary analysis of the potential for tourism to work as a strategy for development. Tourism continues to develop rapidly in the Third World, and with it an increasing awareness of the impacts and dilemmas faced by the destination countries. Tourism for Development analyses key theories and debates surrounding tourism development in a user friendly style aimed primarily at under graduate students following Geography and Tourism Studies/Management courses.

The book focuses on the positive, highlighting tourism practices which may offer a way forward in terms of promoting appropriate development in the Third World. The book is another strong addition to the successful Themes in Tourism series and will be equally useful to both tourism and geography students in a range of topics, including Development Studies, Planning and Resource Management.

Features: Provides a sound theoretical overview of changing academic perspectives on tourism in the Third World; introduces novel ideas on appropriate tourism development in chapters on justice tourism, budget tourism, ecotourism, and gender-sensitive tourism; regular boxed examples and case studies highlight the potential and pitfalls of tourism development in a wide range of contexts, from Africa to Asia, the Pacific to Latin America.; explains how government, non-governmental and private sector stakeholders can provide support for communities engaging in tourism ventures.

Regina Scheyvens is a Senior Lecturer at Massey University, New Zealand, where she teaches in both the Geography and Development Studies programs

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