Tourism: Principles & Practice, 5th edition

By John Fletcher, et al
September 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273758273
643 pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Paper Original

In a changing and turbulent environment for tourism, the fifth edition of Tourism: Principles and Practiceoffers the fundamental and underlying principles with which to approach the study of tourism, contributing a complete framework that effectively integrates theory and practice. The text has been updated to take into account developments such as business tourism, sports and events management and mobile technology and social tourism.

Thanks to its engaging writing style and accessible structure, this has become the ultimate one-stop text for any student studying Tourism. Its broad appeal and popularity increases with each new edition, making it excellent value for any student who wants to understand and explore the principles of the subject.


1 An Introduction to Tourism

Part 1 Tourism Demand

2 The Nature of Tourism Demand

3 Tourism Consumer Behaviour
4 Measuring and Modelling Tourism Demand

5 Forecasting Tourism Demand

Part 2 The Tourism Destination

6 Destinations

7 The Economic Impact of Tourism
8 The Environmental Impact of Tourism
9 The Socio-cultural Impact of Tourism
10 Sustainable Tourism
11 Tourism and Development Planning
12 Tourism, Crises and Disaster Management

Part 3 The Tourism Sector

13 Attractions
14 Accommodation

15 Events Management
16 Intermediaries
17 Transportation
18 Public Sector and Policy

Part 4 Marketing for Tourism

19 Managing Marketing for Tourism
20 Marketing Planning
21 Marketing Mix Applications

22 Information Technology in Tourism



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