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October 2016

Procurement & Supply Chain Management, 9th edition


September 2016

Business of Tourism, 10th edition

Innovation Management & New Product Development, 6th edition


June 2016

Barbarians in the Boardroom: Activist Investors & the Battle for Control
of the World's Most Powerful Companies


May 2016

Banquet of Consequences: The Reality of Our Unusually Uncertain Economic Future

Be a Great Manager - Now! The 2-in-1 Manager: Speed Read - Instant Tips; Big Picture - Lasting Results

Be a Great Problem Solver - Now!

Be Creative - Now! The 2-in-1 Manager

FT Guide to Saving & Investing for Retirement:
The Definitive Handbook to Securing Your Financial Future

Going Viral: The 9 secrets of irresistible marketing


April 2016

English Legal System: 2016/17 edition


February 2016

Contemporary Human Resource Management: Text & Cases, 4th edition

Zurich Tax Handbook 2015-2016


January 2016

Accounting & Finance: An Introduction with MyAccountingLab Access Card, 8th ed.


December 2015

Brilliant NLP, 3rd edition

Brilliant Productivity

Business Accounting Volume 1 with MyLab, 13th ed.

Business Information Systems, 5th edition

Corporate Finance & Investment, 8th edition.My Finance Lab

Digital Marketing, 6th edition

Essential Economics for Business , 4th edition

Mind Maps for Business, 2nd edition

Presentation Now: Prepare a Perfect Presentation in Less Than 3 Hours

Strategic Mangement 7th edition

Tort Law, 10th UK ed.


November 2015

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Vol. 2, 13th edition

Introducing Human Resource Mangement, 7th edition


October 2015

25 Need-to-Know Management Ratios

Contemporay Business Law, 8th UK ed.

Corporate Finance: Decisions & Strategies, 8th ed

Economics, 9th edition

Employment Law

Essentials of Business Law, 5th UK ed.

Frank Wood's Business Accounting, Vol 1. 13th ed.

Investing Against the Tide: Lessons From a Life Running Money

Mangement Accounting for Decision Makers, 8th ed

Marketing: An Introduction, 3rd ed

New Business: Next Steps. All in One Guide to Marketing, Managing & Growing Your Small Business

Retail Marketing Management: Principles & Practice



September 2015

Business Law, 7th edition

Employment Law, 7th UK edition

Rules to Break, 2nd edition

Taxation: Finance Act 2015, 21st edition


August 2015

How to Write a Brilliant CV, 5th edition. What Employers
Want to See & How to Write It


July 2015

FT Guide to Bond & Money Markets


May 2015

Emotional Resilience: Know What it Takes to be
Agile, Adaptable & Perform at Your Best

How to Talk Finance: Getting to Grips with the Numbers in Business

Key MBA Models: The 60+ Models Every Manager & Business Student Needs to Know

Living Strategy


February 2015

Managing Change, 6th edition

Operations Strategy, 4th edition


December 2014

Accounting & Finance an Introduction, 7th ed.

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 9th edition

Business of Events Management

Digital Business & E-Commerce Management, 6th ed.
Strategy Implementation & Practice

Human Resource Management, 9th edition

Managing Change in Organizations, 6th ed.


November 2014

Business Environment, 7th Edition


October 2014

Exchange Rates & International Finance, 6th edition

Great Economists

Human Resource Management, 7th edition

Little Book of Big Management Questions

Logistics Management & Strategy, 5th edition

Managing Across Cultures, 3rd edition

Quantitative Methods for Business & Management


September 2014

Brilliant NLP, 3rd edition

Business Finance: Theory & Practice, 10th edition

Financial Management for Decision Makers, 7th edition

Principles of Auditing, 3rd edition

Strategy Process: Concepts, Contexts, Cases, 5th edition


March 2014

Financial Times Guide to Management

Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing, 2nd edition

High Performance Sales Strategies

One Page CV

Principles of Direct Database & Digital Marketing, 5th Edition

Smarter Investing, 3rd Edition



January 2014

101 Business Ideas that will Change the Way You Work

Accountability, Social Responsibility & Sustainability: Accounting for Society & the Environment

Acquisition Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide to Smarter Deals, 2nd ed.

Con Men: A History of Financial Fraud & the Lessons You Can Learn

CoolBrands 2013/14

Customer Relationship Management, 2nd ed.

Essential Guide to Marketing Planning, 3rd ed

Essentials of Business Law, 4th edition

Financial Accounting: An Introduction, 6th ed.

Financial & Management Accounting: An Introduction, 6th ed.

Financial Markets & Institutions

Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts

Global Financial Systems: Stability & Risk

Leadership Book, 2nd ed.

Marketing Communications: A European Perspective, 5th ed.

Marketing Management, 2nd ed.

Presentation Book

Sales Book

Taxation: UK Finance Act 2013, 19th ed.

Zurich Tax Handbook 2013-14


December 2013

Brilliant Project Management, 3rd ed.

Essentials of Marketing Research

Just the Job!

Macroeconomics, 4th ed.

Too Good To Fail?


October 2013

Accounting for Finance & Business

Consumer Behaviour, 5th ed.

Economics for Business, 6th ed.

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 16th ed.

Hospitality Management & Organisational Behaviour, 5th ed.

Macroeconomics, 2nd ed.
A European Perspective

Marketing Communications, 6th ed.

Operations Management, 7th ed


September 2013

Business Law, 6th edition

Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 7th edition

Keenan & Riches' Business Law: Premium Pack, 11th ed.

Organizational Behaviour, 8th edition

Tourism: Principles & Practice, 5th edition


August 2013

Management & Organisational Behavoiur, 10th edition

Practice of Market Research, 4th edition

Start Your Business Week by Week, 2nd edition


July 2013

Book-Keeping & Accounts, 8th edition

Business of Sport Management, 2nd edition

Devil's Advocate: 100 Business Rules You Must Brake

Employment Law in the UK

Financial Accounting, 5th edition

How to Coach

Industrial Organization, 4th edition

Rules of Management, 3rd edition

Starting up an Online Business


March 2013

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 8th edition

Corporate Finance, 6th edition

Service Management, 3rd edition

Taxation: Finance Act 2012, 18th UK edition


February 2013

Advanced Management Accounting

Economic Approaches to Organizations, 5th edition

Effective Organisational Communication, 4th edition

Essentials of Corporate Financial Management, 2nd edition

Fundamentals of Retailing & Shopper Marketing

Marketing: Real People, Real Decisions

Rules of Work, 10th anniversary edition


January 2013

Business Law, 3rd UK edition

Corporate Financial Management, 5th Edition


December 2012

Advertising: Strategy, Creativity & Media

Corporate Financial Management, 5th edition

Digital Marketing, 5th edition

Essentials of Global Marketing, 2nd edition

Essentials of Marketing, 3rd edition

International Business, 6th edition

Management Matters

Mathematics for Economics & Business, 7th edition


October 2012

Accounting: An Introduction, 6th edition

Business Law, 6th UK edition

Corporate Finance & Investment, 7th edition


September 2012

Brilliant Selling, 2nd edition

Business of Tourism, 9th edition

Employment Law, 6th UK edition

Financial Accounting

Intellectual Property, 9th edition

Introduction to Management Accounting

Marketing Research, 4th edition

MBA Handbook, 7th edition

Money Myth


August 2012

Essentials of Marketing, 5th edition

Managerial Accounting, 4th edition

Organisation Design

Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 8th edition

Research Methods for Business Students, 6th edition

Selling & Sales Mangement, 9th edition

Service Operations Management, 4th edition

Zurich Tax Handbook, 2012-13


July 2012

Enterprise & Small Business: Principles, Practice & Policy. 3rd edition

Model Business Letters, Emails, & Other Business Documents. 7th edition


June 2012

Financial Times Guide to Pensions & Wealth in Retirement, 2nd edition

Frank Wood's Business Accounting, Vol. 2, 12th edition

Inbound Logistics Management, 7th edition

Management Accounting for Decision Makers, 7th edition

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, 8th edition


May 2012

Corporate Finance & Investment, 7th edition

Corporate Reputation: Brand & Communication

Employment Law in Context, 4th UK edition

Essentials of Management

International Finance

Interview Question & Answer Book

Introduction to Accounting Information Systems


April 2012

Accounting, 9th edition

Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook, 2nd edition

Decade of Stock Market Turmoil (2000--2010)

Doing Research in Business & Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Times Guide to Spread Betting

Introduction to Financial Accounting, 10th edition

Mangement Accounting: A Cases Approach

Modern Financial Markets & Institutions

Principles of Risk Management & Insurance, 11th edition

Quantitative Methods for Business & Management

Strategic Brand Management: A European Perspective, 2nd edition

Strategic Management, 6th Edition


February 2012

Advanced Financial Reporting

Essentials of Tourism

Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning, 5th edition

Taxation: UK Finance Act 2011, 17th edition


January 2012

Brilliant Presentation, 3rd edition

Business Accounting & Finance

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 15th edition

Financial Management for Decision Makers, 6th edition

Introducing Human Resource Management, 6th edition

Zurich Tax Handbook, 2011-2012


November 2011

Keenan & Riches' Business Law, 10th UK edition


October 2011

E-Business & E-Commerce Management, 5th edition

Frank Wood's Business Accounting, Vol. 1, 12th edition

Successful Project & Corporate Management in the Real World



September 2011


Essentials of Marketing Communications

Essentials of Organisational Behaviour, 3rd edition

Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 6th edition

Key Management Ratios, 4th edition

Smith & Keenan's Company Law, 15th UK edition


August 2011

Accounts Demystified, 6th edition

Business Finance
Applications, Models & Cases

Business Finance, 9th edition

International Financial Reporting, 3rd edition

Mastering Investment Banking Securities

Rules of Management, 2nd edition


May 2011

Business Information Management, 2nd edition

Economics & The Business Environment, 3rd edition

Economics for Business & Management, 3rd edition

Essentials of Business Law, 3rd edition

Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching

Research Methods for Leisure & Tourism, 4th edition


April 2011

Brilliant Business Writing, 2nd edition

Financial Crisis

How to be Confident with NLP, 2nd edition

How to Manage with NLP, 3rd edition


March 2011

Human Resource Management, 8th edition

International Human Resource Management, 2nd edition


January 2011

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 7th edition

Accounting Simplified

Accounting Theory & Practice, 8th edition

Advanced Financial Accounting

Advanced Modern Macroeconomics

Auditing Fundamentals

Brilliant Accounting

Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions, 4th edition

Brilliant Business Plan

Brilliant Checklists for Managers, 4th edition

Brilliant CV, 4th edition

Brilliant Interview, 3rd edition

Brilliant Negotiations, 2nd edition

Financial Accounting, 2nd edition

Forensic Accounting

Get Up to Speed With Online Marketing

Operations Strategy, 3rd edition


December 2010

Atiyah's Sale of Goods, 12th UK edition

Brilliant Book-Keeping

Brilliant Manager, 3rd edition

Essentials of Management Science

Financial Accounting, 4th edition
An International Introduction

Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2011, 24th edition

Financial Times Guide to Corporate Valuation, 2nd edition

Law for Business Students, 6th UK edition

Organizational Behaviour, 7th edition

Tricks of the Rich


November 2010

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 14th edition

International Business Environment, 2nd edition

October 2010

Brilliant Project Management

Management & Organisational Behaviour, 9th edition


September 2010

Brilliant Questions for Great Interviewers

Carriage of Goods by Sea, 7th edition

Creating Value from Mergers & Acquisitions, 2nd edition

Employment Law, 5th UK edition

Financial Accounting: An Introduction,5th edition

Financial & Management Accounting, 5th edition

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Basics

Management Accounting, 2nd edition

Public Sector Accounting, 6th edition

Zurich Tax Handbook 2010-2011


July 2010

Be Your Own Financial Adviser

Marketing Communications, 4th edition

Marketing Planning: Strategy, Environment & Context

Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 7th edition

Research Methods in Business Studies, 4th edition


June 2010

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, 8th edition

Accounting: An Introductiion, 5th edition

Comparative International Accounting, 11th edition

Essential Guide to Marketing Planning, 2nd edition


May 2010

Corporate Finance, 5th edition

Marketing Management, 2nd edition

People Resourcing & Talent Planning, 4th edition

April 2010

Human Resource Management, 6th edition

Managing & Reforming Modern Public Services


March 2010

Mind Maps for Business


February 2010

Analysis for Managers: Financial Times Guide

Business & Communication Systems

Business Studies

Financial Times Guide to Investing, 2nd edition

Financial Times Guide to Pensions & Wealth in Retirement 2010

Reading & Understanding the Financial Times


January 2010

Financial Accounting, 5th edition

International Business, 3rd edition


December 2009

Brilliant Presentation Revised, 2nd edition

Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares That Perform, 4th edition

FT Guide to Analysis for Managers

Inspire :How to keep your customers when your competitors can't


Managing Change, 5th edition

Smarter Investing, 2nd edition

Transport & Tourism, 3rd edition

Zurich Tax Handbook 2009-2010


November 2009

Business Student's Handbook, 5th edition

How to Manage, 2nd edition

Management Accounting for Decision Makers, 6th edition

Project Manager, 2nd edition


September 2009

How to Lead, 2nd edition
What You Actually Need to Do to Manage & Succeed



August 2009

Business Finance, 8th edition
Business Finance has a real-world flavour, exploring the theories surrounding
financial decision making and relating these theories to what happens in the real world.

Exploring Public Relations
The first edition, which published in 2006, has sold in its thousands and is now
essential reading on courses in PR at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Marketing Communications:
Interactivity, Communities & Content, 5th edition

The most complete and accessible introduction to marketing communications on the market.

Marketing Management: First European Edition
The American edition of Marketing Management is the world's leading marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect changes in marketing theory and practice.

Understanding the Business Environment, 3rd edition
Clearly and accessibly, the book examines the external and competitive
environment of business, as well as the structure, culture, resources and functions inside organisations.

July 2009

Business of Tourism
Holloway et al place emphasis on the practical operational aspects of the
tourism industry, making this book well-suited to students who intend to one day work in Tourism.

Financial Accounting: An Introduction
Without over-simplifying the subject, Augustine Benedict and Barry Elliott have created a progressive guide to financial accounting which tackles not only the fundamentals, but also includes coverage of new and emerging topics - chief among them IFRS.

Research Methods for Business Students, 5th edition
A comprehensive introduction to research methods in business for students
planning or undertaking a dissertation or extensive research project in business and management.

June 2009

Brilliant Project Management
Through its engaging and entertaining approach, Brilliant Project Management does more than just talk
you through the process. It provides practical advice and techniques taken from people’s experience in
the real world so you always know exactly what to do and say to make your project a success.

Industrial Organization: Competition, Strategy, Policy, 3rd edition
This new third edition continues to highlight the strong link between the theory and
analysis of industrial economics using engaging case studies.

Introduction to Accounting & Finance, 2nd edition

Selling and Sales Management, 8th edition
Essential reading for all marketing and management students and
practitioners, in particular those with specific interests in the world of sales.  

May 2009

E-Business & E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation & Practice, 4th edition
E-Business and E-Commerce Management is the essential text to
keep pace with technology, strategy and implementation.

Strategic Managing of Human Resources, 2nd edition
Human resources (the knowledge, competencies and behaviours that people
bring with them to work) are central to successful implementation of strategy

April 2009

Book-Keeping & Accounts
The highly successful Book-keeping and Accounts is an essential textbook for students
undertaking studies of book-keeping and accounting for the first time.

Financial Times Guide to Managing Your Money
If you want to be better at money management, feel more secure about your financial
future and be on top of your personal finances than this is the book for you.

Living Leadership, 2nd edition
This insightful and motivating book will help you discover how to make real connections with people,
and become an effective leader who makes things happen in the real world.


March 2009

Beermat Entrepreneur, revised 2nd edition
This book tells you exactly how to convert your jotted notes into a big and successful business.

Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions, 3rd edition

Organisation Behaviour, 4th edition


February 2009

Financial Management for Decision Makers, 5th edition

Public Sector Financial Management


January 2009

Brilliant Business Writing

Business Information Systems (Paul Bocij, et al.), 4th Edition.

Employment Relations in the UK, 3rd edition

Essentials of Global Marketing

Essentials of Marketing, 4th edition

Practice of Market Research, 3rd edition

December 2008

Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excell, 3rd edition

Brilliant Interview, 2nd edition REVISED 2008

Brilliant Leader:What the Best Leaders Know, Do & Say

Brilliant Presentation

Brilliant Teams

Business Accounting UK GAAP Vol. 1

Buisiness Accounting UK GAAP Vol. 2

Business Studies for A Level, 3rd edition

Corporate Finance & Investment, 6th Edition

Relationship Marketing, 3rd edition

Who Are Your Best People?

Zurich Tax Handbook 2008-2009

November 2008

Brilliant Manager: What the Best Managers Know, Do and Say
2nd Edition

Effective Organisational Communication, 3rd edition

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Vol. 1, 11th edition

Frank Wood's Business Accounting Vol. 2, 11th edition

Rethinking Project Management

Understanding Strategic Management

October 2008

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 6th edition

Economics for Business & Management, 2nd edition

Economics of Money, Banking and Finance, 4th edition

Essentials of Organisational Behaviour, 2nd edition

Financial Accounting (Benedict)

Human Resource Management, 2nd edition

Introducing Human Resource Management, 5th edition

Procurement Principles & Management, 10th edition
(Previously entitled Purchasing Principles & Management

September 2008

Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 7th edition

August 2008

International Corporate Reporting , 4th edition

Internet Marketing, 3rd edition

Tourism Principles & Practice, 4th edition

July 2008

Interpreting Company Reports and Accounts, 10th edition

Organisational Behaviour and Analysis, 4th edition

June 2008

Economic Development
Innovation Management & New Product Development, 4th Ed.

May 2008

Logistics Management & Strategy, 3rd edition

April 2008

Empowering Asian Mindsets through Coaching

March 2008

Accounting: An Introduction, 4th Edition
Accounts Demystified, 5th edition
Art of Decisions: How to Manage in an Uncertain World
Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions
Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 5th edition
Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning, 4th edition
Tourism Planning, 2nd edition

February 2008

Brilliant Negotiations: What Brilliant Negotiators Know, Do & Say
Brilliant NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), revised edition
Human Resource Management, 7th edition
MBA Handbook, 6th edition

January 2008

Coaching Manual, 2nd edition
Employment Law for Business Students, 3rd Ed.
Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2008
Funky Business Forever: How to Enjoy Capitalism. 3rd edition
Giant Steps in Management: Creating Innovations that Change the Way We Work
Smarter Consulting: How to Start Up & Succeed as an Independent Consultant
Superbrands: An Insight into Some of Britian's Srongest Brands 2007
Tourism: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition Enhanced Media Edition

December 2007

Directory of Vocational & Further Education
Essentials of Corporate Financial Management
Management & Organisational Behaviour, 8th edition
Ready to Lead? Prepare to Think & Act Like a Successful Leader
Smart Retail: How to Turn Your Store into a Sales Phenomenon, 2nd edition
Which MBA? 2008 (19th edition)

October 2007

Business Student's Handbook, 4th edition
Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists, 2nd edition
How to Manage in a Flat World: Get Connected to Your Team--Wherever They Are

September 2007

Business Law, 3rd edition [European Edition]
Business Law, 8th edition [UK Edition]
Consumer Behaviour, 3rd edition. A European Perspective
Fast Projects: Project Management When Time is Short
Financial Accounting and Reporting, 12th Edition
Financial Times Guide to Personal Tax, 2nd edition
From Acorns: How to Build a Brilliant Business, 2nd edition
Employment Law, 2nd edition [UK Edition]
Essential Guide to Marketing Planning
Financial Accounting, 3rd edition
How to Be Brilliant: Change Your Ways in 90 Days!, 2nd Edition
Inspirational Manager: How to Build Relationships That Deliver Results
Managing Change Step By Step: All You Need to Build a Plan & Make it Happen
Managing for Performance: Delivering Results Through Others
Persuasion, 2nd Edition
Power at Work: the Art of Making Things Happen
Project Management Step By Step: How to Plan & Manage a Highly Successful Project
Public Sector Marketing
Taxation: Finance Act 2007, 13th edition

August 2007

Essentials of Marketing, 2nd Edition
Management Accounting for Decision Makers,
5th Edition [Includes Student Access Kit]

Secrets of Selling: How to Win in Any Sales Situation

July 2007

Marketing Research: An Applied Approach, 3rd Edition
Smarter Selling

June 2007

Asset & Liability Management, 2nd edition
Corporate Finance, 4th edition
Critical Human Resource Development
Definitive Guide to Business Finance, 2nd edition
Financial Markets & Institutions, 5th edition
Killer CVs & Hidden Approaches, 3rd edition
Managing with the Power of NLP, 2nd edition
Marketing Research: An Applied Approach, 3rd Edition
Operations Management, 5th edition
Strategic Human Resource Management

May 2007

Auditing: An International Approach

March 2007

Definitive Business Plan, Revised 2nd edition

February 2007

Human Resource Management, 5th Edition

Marketing Communications, 3rd Edition

December 2006

Business Student's Handbook, 3rd Edition
Essentials of Economics, 4th Edition
Exploring Corporate Strategy Enhanced Media Edition, 7th Edition
Financial Accounting, 4th edition
Financial Times Guide to Using the Financial Pages
Money Tree
Organizational Behavior, 6th Edition
Rethinking Organisational Behaviour, 2nd Edition
Which MBA? 18th Edition

Late November 2006

Living Supply Chains:
How to Mobilize the Enterprise around Delivering What Your Customers Want

Organisation Theory: Concepts and Cases, 5th Edition


November 2006

Definitive Business Pitch:
How to Make the Best Pitches, Proposals, & Presentations

ECDL Advanced Presentation for Office XP/2003
ECDL Advanced Databases for Microsoft® Office XP and Office 2003
ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets for Office XP/2003
ECDL Advanced Word Processing for Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003
ECDL4 The Complete Coursebook for Mac OSX
How to be an Entrepreneur
How to Manage
Leadership Mystique
Leading at a Higher Level:
Blanchard on How to Be a High Performing Leader

Managing with the Power of NLP:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Competitive Advantage

Marketing of Sport
New Business Road Test:
What Entrepreneurs & Executives Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan (2nd edition)

Practical Exercises for ECDL Expert using Office XP
Principles of Business Economics (2nd Edition)
Simply Strategy: Shortest Route to the Best Strategy
Smith & Keenan's Law for Business (13th Edition)
Start Up Survival Guide


September 2006

Business Environment, 5th edition
Financial Accounting, 4th edition
Financial & Management Accounting, 4th edition
Financial Accounting & Reporting, 11th Edition
How to Fund Your Business
Intellectual Property, 6th edition
Lead Yourself, 2nd edition
Simply Marketing Communications
Start Up Survival Guide:
How to Make it Through the Critical First Three Years in Business


August 2006

90-Minute Manager, 3rd edition

Business of Tourism, 7th edition

Business of Tourism Management
Financial Times Guide to Strategy
Introduction to Banking
Key Management Ratios, 4th edition
The Clearest Guide to the Critical Numbers That Drive Your Business

Project Management – Step by Step
Smarter Investing


July 2006

Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialists, 5th edition
Daily Telegraph Tax Guide 2006 for the UK
Essentials of Organisational Behaviour
How to Be an Even Better Chair:
Sensible Advice from the Public & Charity Sectors

People Resourcing

June 2006

Financial Accounting: An International Approach
Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions, 2nd edition
Organising & Managing Work, 2nd edition
Pitch Yourself, 2nd Edition
Practice of Market & Social Research, 2nd Edition
Research Methods for Leisure & Tourism, 3rd edition
Selling & Sales Management, 7th Edition

Smarter Outsourcing: An Executive Guide to Understanding,
Planning & Exploiting Successful Outsourcing Relationships

May 2006

Brilliant NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]
China Hotel Directory 2006: Guide to Accommodations, Meetings & Exhibitions
International Business, 4th Edition, With Student Access Kit

March 2006

Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up, 19th Edition

February 2006

Business Finance: Theory & Practice, 7th Edition
Corporate Strategy, 4th Edition [Includes CD-ROM]

Financial Accounting & Reporting, 10th Edition
How to Get the Best Graduate Job: Insider Strategies for Success in the Graduate Job Market

International Human Resource Management

January 2006

Business Finance: Theory & Practice, 7th Edition
Business Information Systems, 3rd Edition

Corporate Finance & Investment, 5th Edition

Economics, 6th Edition [Includes Student Access Kit]
eSuperbrands 2006

International Business, 4th Edition
Official MBA Handbook 2005/2006

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, 7th Edition
Small Business, Big Profit! How to Increase the Profitability of Your Entrepreneurial Business

Small Business Handbook: The Complete Guide to Running & Growing Your Business

Start Up! A Practical, Personal Guide to Starting
a Successful Business from Absolutely Nothing